Who Can Benefit?

All Sales via Website

YouLead is the solution to problems with the effectiveness of website sales.

It communicates with customers who visit your websites, regardless of the industry you represent or the nature of your on-line business model.

High-value Offers

We can help you when you present high-value on-line offers.

As is the case with real estate or cars, and when you want to successfully close individual transactions because all customers are worth their weight in gold.

Traffic to Leads

YouLead enables you to take full advantage of website traffic potential, which is an integral part of your marketing plan.

So, it will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Sales Mediation

We give you a tool when you mediate in sales. It’s useful when your website is used to attract individual customers or business clients who are later handled by sales representatives. And when you want to build a base of valuable contacts with a high conversion rate.

Anonymous Users Potential

We monitor all anonymous users on your website separately. For what purpose? Download a brief infographics what you can do about privacy in times of GDPR.


We can help you when you operate in e-commerce, and want to increase sales efficiency on websites that are regularly visited by thousands of users.

If you find out what they are looking for in your e-store, you will be able to suggest the right products and increase your sales.


Automatic, dynamically personalised POP-UP messages displayed once the user meets the conditions you set.

  • Personalised encouragement to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Product recommendation based on customer interests
  • Recommended products based on the latest transaction or customer profile
  • Recently viewed product
  • Individual discount code for anonymous customers
  • Information about shopping cart abandonment when exiting the website
  • Welcome after a long absence with a discount code for encouragement

Dynamic change of WEBSITE CONTENT

  • Automated, personalised product suggestions
  • Personalised up-selling of products in the customer shopping cart
  • Welcome after a long absence with a discount code for encouragement
  • Recently viewed product
  • Personalised product prices
  • Integration with LiveChat – an application for direct contact on the website
  • Recommended products based on the latest transaction or customer profile

Automatic or manual sending of PERSONALISED E-MAILS with content tailored to customer preferences.

  • E-mail series after filling in the form
  • Summary of visits to the website with products tailored to interests
  • Regular retention e-mails with increasing discounts
  • Purchase satisfaction survey and product recommendations
  • Information on a discount once the customer meets the conditions you set
  • Shopping cart rescue e-mail
  • E-mail with recently viewed products after a visit to a website
  • E-mail to maintain contact with the customer after a long period without any purchase
  • E-mail with an invitation to review a product
  • Transaction satisfaction survey and product recommendations
  • Sending group mailings manually (selected target group segments)