PLUS BANK. Finances get the growth.

Client :  Plus Bank
Services :  Banking & Finances

Project Driven Results:

30% increase

in the number of sales leads


Banking and Finance – a Polish bank belonging to a group of companies owned by Zygmunt Solorz-Żak. Nearly 100 bank branches throughout Poland and more than 1,300 points of sale and service for the Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat networks.

The challenge

Maximising the effectiveness of an advertising campaign focused on generating sales leads on landing pages.

This task was to be carried out despite the fact that it was impossible to make behavioural profiling due to the simplicity of both the landing page and the advertising message.

YouLead Features Applied

Automatic POP-UP messages with a display controlled by user visit time and behaviour.

PLUS BANK about us

JAKUB KŁOCZEWSKI, Marketing Department Director

InteliSoft was tasked with providing mechanisms to increase the number of sales leads during our advertising campaign. The company proposed the use of precisely controlled pop-ups on our landing page.

This goal was achieved by the Sales & Marketing Automation system – YouLead.