Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already got a CRM system. Do I need YouLead?

Achieving the desired results is guaranteed through the mutual cooperation with our clients. We work closely together with our clients to break down overarching goals to the individual level, in order for all employees to see how they contribute and thereby carry responsibility.

A correctly deployed and used CRM system can certainly enable your organisation to manage customer relations efficiently. However, it probably does not influence certain areas whose functioning significantly affects both the generation of leads and their conversion into sales. E-mail and website visit monitoring, dynamic page content personalised to Internet user behaviour, and automatic lead scoring based on lead behaviour are just a few of the areas where YouLead can prove to be helpful.We are aware that you don’t want to have a problem with inputting information into two separate systems, so we would suggest that you integrate the YouLead system with your CRM system.

Is YouLead a solution for marketing or sales?

YouLead will definitely prove useful in both areas.

By collecting information about leads (e.g. what kind of action and the cost of obtaining a particular lead), your marketing becomes quantifiable. This quantifiability is not limited to counting the leads acquired, e.g. through an Internet campaign, as the system enables you to determine how many actual customers (i.e. converted leads), you have acquired with such a campaign. In practice, this means that YouLead enables you to determine customer acquisition cost; e.g. in a given campaign.

In turn, your sales department will certainly appreciate functionalities such as lead scoring or tagging, as well as automatic assignment to sales force members.

A very important advantage of YouLead is the combination of marketing and sales functions in one system. That’s why we often call YouLead a ‘bridge’ between marketing and sales.

I only employ one sales representative; does it make sense to use YouLead?

Yes. YouLead automates many marketing and sales processes. The system implements the Marketing Automation approach; based on established rules, it will provide your sales representatives with leads that have the greatest purchasing potential. The remaining leads will be automatically encouraged and educated for purchase (lead nurturing), until they reach a level that will enable them to be passed on to the sales representative.

I like YouLead, but won’t it be too complicated?

When creating YouLead, we wanted to make it rather simple to use. If any of the modules seem complicated to you, don’t worry, we will teach you how to use them or we will configure the system for you.

Can YouLead track user behaviour on the website before they register?

Of course. What’s more, based on this behaviour, YouLead can perform marketing automation activities on the site, e.g. change a page content in a different way for different users. So as to finally encourage them to leave their data (lead), and then convert the data to a sale.

What is ‘personalisation’?

Personalisation with YouLead is not just ‘Hi John’ at the top of e-mails that we already got used to. For us, personalisation is also a possibility to change the website content according to user behaviour or profile (e.g. lead scoring). We can also personalise a message over time, i.e. send e-mails or sales force contact data at appropriate times. An example would be a summary of the products viewed on a page, presented in an e-mail that is delivered 5 minutes after the end of the user’s visit, or a phone call from a sales representative when a customer is just viewing a product on the page.

What is ‘lead scoring’?

Lead scoring is measuring the sales potential of prospective customers. It can be based on many factors, such as user behaviour on the page, open rate and click-through rate of emails, contact history with the sales department, etc. Lead scoring can then decide the following sales steps. Once a certain scoring threshold is exceeded, the system can either transfer the lead to the sales force or automatically send an e-mail with details of the offer.

What is ‘lead nurturing’?

Lead nurturing is all the activities aimed at increasing the purchasing potential of a lead. We have tried to make YouLead do most of these activities automatically (following the Marketing Automation approach), although marketing and sales department activities are also part of YouLead’s functioning.

Can YouLead actually ‘see’ users who are currently on my website?

Yes, the system identifies users who are on-line. It can also perform automated actions aimed at these users, e.g. e-mail, transfer to the sales department for quick contact, etc.

YouLead seems complex, can I afford it?

The YouLead system directly impacts sales and therefore profit. We believe that the return on an investment in YouLead will be very quick. Moreover, you only pay for effective leads (i e. the ones used by you or active in a given month).

Are my customer data secure with YouLead?

Your customer data are certainly of the utmost importance and we treat them accordingly. Data (including personal data) processing takes place in YouLead under the highest security standards.

I’m not sure whether YouLead is appropriate for my industry.

It is not the industry that determines the need for YouLead. The system will prove useful wherever marketing activities generate leads for the sales department.