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Benefits – YouLead



The greatest benefits of brands today are related to the treatment of each customer individually and exceptionally. No matter how many customers we have, or what concerns them.

Start benefiting from an individualised, personalised approach to anyone who visits your on-line services. You will be surprised by how much this will have an effect on your sales results and your brand perception.

Increase sales efficiency.

YouLead conducts active sales on your website. It automatically prompts customers with products tailored to their preferences, reminds them about the shopping cart, and shortens their way to the desired products. It indicates the customers with the greatest potential to your sales force in real time. It monitors sales force efforts to close sales transactions.
YouLead helps you take advantage of all the sales opportunities that appear on your websites.

It is easier to decide to buy when what we are looking for is right before our eyes, especially on the Internet.

Using the information collected, YouLead only displays what interests your customers. You decide when, where on the page and according to which customer activity YouLead should show the content your customer wants to see.

You learn about your customers’ preferences.

Traffic on your website is no longer anonymous. YouLead stores the entire history of visits to all pages it is linked to. It records entry and exit times, items clicked by the visitor, the product or service selection, and the shopping cart status. So, you know exactly what users are interested in on your website. You can clearly see differences and similarities between them. This knowledge is transferred to your sales force. Using automatic tags or creating your own ones, you can combine users into homogeneous groups or detect the most valuable individuals from your sales point of view. And when people leave you their e-mail address, the whole history of their previous activity on your website will be attached to their profile.

You gain more contacts (leads) for customers who are actually interested in your product range.

Contact prompts are displayed once a user enters a page and they help to increase the number of

e-mail addresses in your database. However, you still don’t know anything about your customers (apart from the fact that they have visited your website). Is it worth sending offers to random people?
YouLead displays contact prompts, while doing two simple things:
1. It shows an incentive for the part of the offer that interests the customers.
2. The incentive is displayed exactly when the product is viewed.
You know what the customers are looking for and you instantly enter into a dialogue with them on the subject.

You gain satisfied customers who return to shop again.

YouLead adheres to a simple rule that people are more likely to return to a place where they easily find what they are looking for – without wasting their time on things which are of no interest to them. YouLead learns about your clients. Knowledge of what they choose on your website and what they pay most attention to is transferred to your sales force. This makes your customer service faster and improves its quality.

Your communication responds to real needs

You hear a lot about personalised communication, but it often comes down to sending standard e-mails with the same offer for everyone, but with different names of recipients inserted. When you know your users thanks to YouLead, the secret of personalised communication becomes a combination of 3 elements:
1. THE RIGHT CONTENT – message variations relating to user activity on your website and the assessment of their purchasing potential
2. THE RIGHT PERSON – selection of a homogeneous group or individual users whose activity indicates an interest in your product range
3. THE RIGHT MOMENT – a user undertaking an activity that is important to you, time spent by a user on your range, the value of their purchases – every parameter is important.

The value of YouLead is best demonstrated when you want to use real-time personalised communication for hundreds and thousands of users who visit your pages.

Your sales force is more efficient.

They know more about their customers and can follow customer activities on your website in real time. They know who the users are, where they are from and what they are looking for. YouLead automatically displays and sends personalised messages. This saves your sales force time and enables them to concentrate on the most promising customers. In order to reduce sales force reaction time, YouLead reports on important events (e.g. the presence of regular customers or an abandoned shopping cart). Alerts can be set for any event.

Your brand has a better reputation.

Customers like it when you are interested in them, when you instantly give them what they are looking for. Thanks to you, they don’t waste time. The fact that YouLead displays content tailored to users’ real interests, apart from the direct impact on sales, creates a positive impression that pays off in the long run.
Your website’s user experience will determine whether users will return.

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