You Find Out Your Customers’ Needs And Preferences

We connect YouLead to all your websites, pages, corporate portals, blogs, landing pages, or e-store.

YouLead automatically saves the details of all visits and it builds an activity history for every user. So, you know what users are looking for and what their preferences are.

Categorise Anonymous Website Traffic According To Visitor Interest

Use the customer activity information on your website to learn more about customer preferences.

YouLead automatically assigns tags to customers, dividing them into groups of people with the same behaviour, and who view similar products from your range.

Identify Customers With The Greatest Shopping Potential

Assign a point value to each customer activity that matters to you (e.g. spending more time on selected products, choosing promotional offers, or frequently returning to one product). YouLead automatically saves the details of all visits and it builds an activity history for every user.

Display Messages To The Right People At The Right Time And Place

Talk to customers about the products that interest them to shorten their path to shopping cart. YouLead automatically displays messages according to what your customers were viewing. Simply load your content and indicate when and where it should be displayed on the page. With YouLead, you can send a personalised e-mail marketing campaign to customers whose e-mail addresses you already have.

Dynamically Adjust Your Website Content

Leverage the potential for deeper integration of YouLead with your website to increase its impact on sales. YouLead enables you to dynamically change the displayed content according to what your customer has chosen. You can therefore display complementary products next to the shopping cart, show what others have bought, or display special prices for regular customers.

Leverage Dedicated Reports

Generate reports that illustrate your website traffic structure and the sales activities of your sales force.

YouLead automatically generates reports on website traffic statistics and presents a qualitative picture of activities and choices made by both anonymous and known customers.

200 000 €

saved in 1 month by YouLead user from recovered shopping carts


more sales leads in 1 month


mailing open rate on YouLead personalized campaign

2 days

was the fastest ROI of YouLead clients

What Our Clients Say

Everyone loves positive feedback. We are no exception! Fortunately there’s no lack of positive comments from our consulting clients. Here's a sample of comments from our Clients:

Jakub Kłoczewski

InteliSoft was tasked with providing mechanisms to increase the number of sales leads during our advertising campaign. The company proposed the use of precisely controlled pop-ups on our landing page. This goal was achieved by the Sales & Marketing Automation system – YouLead. The deployment was effective, as we have achieved a 30% increase in the number of leads, which we had not expected from the activity on the landing page. I recommend the YouLead system.

Jakub Kłoczewski

Wojciech Łazarski

InteliSoft deployed the YouLead marketing automation system at hossa.gda.pl quickly and efficiently. From the beginning, the aim of the deployment was to increase the number of sales leads. I consider it to be extremely effective, as we have achieved a 40% increase, which is sustained on a regular basis. We are currently in the process of developing a project with the lead nurturing function. I would recommend the effectiveness of YouLead’s functions to any company.

Wojciech Łazarski

Natalia Sagan

We implemented YouLead at eurostyl.com.pl. The aim of the deployment was to precisely identify site user profiles, to increase the number of sales leads, and to initiate the process of encouraging customers to purchase using automated, dynamically personalised e-mails. Moreover, we wanted to increase the efficiency of our sales force by providing an opportunity to assess customer involvement and to learn about their purchasing needs. This deployment has been very effective, as we have achieved a 40% increase, which is continuously maintained. Our mailings are opened and clicked in several dozen per cent of cases, which makes us very satisfied.

Natalia Sagan


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